Hana Hana.

England. 23.

Book loving wannabe writer | Sarcastic daydreamer| Future cat lady and sailor's wife | Occasional artist | Champion procrastinator| Realist | Gluten free-vegetarian.

"Sometimes you climb out of bed in the morning and you think 'I'm not going to make it' but you laugh inside remembering all of the times you've felt that way." Charles Bukowski

End of personal spam.

Sometimes when @sakurajack does plank I like to sit on his back in full lotus.

Therefore his core must be strong or I will fall on my head.

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Cinnamon roll pancakes!

Sweet treat after our trek.

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That log was not a steady foundation.

But cats can balance on anything. Meow!

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Sabbe sattā sukhi hontu, May all beings be happy. om shanti om shanti om shanti, peace peace peace.

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Day off?

4 hour woodland trek soaking up the sun and talking about the fast approaching future!

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The boy and I rolled out of bed past noon and off to the woods.

Let’s celebrate me wearing a sleeveless tank for the first time in years.

Next step: baby boulder shoulders!

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Behold my first stew ever.

It shall be named Red Woman Stew.

@sakurajack “For this stew is red and full of peppers!”

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